About Me

     I am Ani and I am the photographer behind The Fox and The Little Prince Photography.

I am based in London and I am really passionate about photography.

     I have started as a family photographer but I kept on being asked to do branding photoshoots by some of the mums I was meeting.

     After I had a few mumpreneur clients I realized that branding photography is what I enjoy the most. The connection between the women having their businesses and me as having one was really strong and fulfilling. Usually, after a branding photo session, I get a new friend. 

     As a branding photographer and also a business strategist, I know how important it is to connect with your clients. So I am going to share three fun things about me and I would love to hear three fun things from you when we meet:

       1. My favourite TV series is 'Sex and The City'

       2. I love wine (who doesn't?)

       3. I love collecting Notepads

   Have a great Branding!

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce!

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