Why you must photograph your baby in their first year?

We all know that our children grow up too fast. In the blink of an eye, little ones go from being held in our arms to letting go of your hand and taking on their own adventures in life.

During the first year of their life baby goes through the biggest and fastest development they would ever have in their whole life. Every day of their first year they learn and do new things. Every baby has its own speed of developing which is a completely normal as they are just little humans who are different just like us - the grown ups.

So why you must photograph them? The answer is really simple: they will never be babies again. Now you might have the feeling that these sleepless nights are overwhelming and they will last forever but they don't.

You can easily capture all these moments with your phone. Nowadays most of the smart phones have really good cameras.

What you should look for when taking the photographs in the first year?

The answer is simple again: EVERYTHING. Your baby is unique and you can find unique and sweet things in everything they do. Even the size of their hands compared to yours is cute enough to have it in a photo.

But if you like the art of photography and all these beautiful backgrounds and professional photos, you are more than welcome to use my services.

What milestones do I photograph in the first year:

1. How they hold their head steady while lying on their tummy (1-4 months)

2. Sitting without support (5-9 months)

3. Standing/walking alone (9-17 months)

Milestone photo sessions give you an excuse to relax with your little one and take some time out of your hectic day to just breathe and savour some quality family time. It’s a great bonding experience

Photos are great conversation (or joke) starters

Every family’s favourite thing to do now and again is get the old photos out and have a bit of a giggle.

Milestone photos are just as priceless in their first year as they are in their 30th - you’ll find yourself using these photos for years to come as your little one celebrates their 18th, 21st, and even 40th. Photos really are the gift that keeps giving and never go out of style.

Get in touch

If you’d like to see some of my milestone work, have a glance at my photography portfolio here. Similarly, if you’d like a friendly, no obligation chat about the work I provide, feel free to contact me on 07578707813 or email me at info@thefoxandthelittleprince.com.


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